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There has been a lot of progress in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years, with several new automated systems being developed for the cultivation of crops. AI can help improve the efficiency of both enterprise and home growers in the cannabis industry.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various applications of AI in the cannabis industry, focusing on the consumer and commercial sectors.

Improving Cannabis Cultivation

One of the most challenging factors the industry faces is the proper environment for the cultivation of cannabis. This is because it requires the proper amount of sunlight and humidity to maximize the production of plants. With the help of AI, farmers can monitor their environment and implement necessary changes immediately. 

Farmers can lower the likelihood of unhealthy crops as the environment develops properly. However, with the help of AI sensors and cameras, they can still detect when their plants are sick. This technology can help them identify the correct plant treatment, significantly reducing waste.

In addition to maintaining healthy crops, AI can also help improve the quality of cannabis by providing more accurate reports about the conditions under which it is grown. This can help producers create strains with higher resistance levels against pests and diseases.

Cannabis Inventory Management

AI can help both the sellers and the cultivation industry meet the changing needs of their customers. Through IoT devices and AI, experts can monitor their inventory levels and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Artificial intelligence can help companies determine their current inventory levels based on their sales and supply. Rather than manually tracking their stocks, they can use software to receive instant notifications about their low inventory and improve their efficiency by automating supplier orders.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial in today’s competitive environment, as it can help businesses survive and flourish. AI can play an essential role in improving the support services of the cannabis industry by making them more efficient.

In the cannabis industry, AI can help sellers and growers provide their customers with the best possible experience by matching their needs with the products they’re looking for. Doing so eliminates the need for them to conduct a consultation.

Demand to Improve Production

As the demand for marijuana continues to rise, the industry’s supply chain must be constantly updated with the latest changes in the market.

Demand and supply changes can happen at different rates in various markets. For instance, due to the industry’s rapid emergence and growth, sudden surges in demand can occur for specific products. With the help of AI, companies can use data collected from websites, social media, and more to identify the ideal products for their customers.

Sales and Marketing

Although the use of AI in marketing and sales isn’t limited to the cannabis industry, it can still help boost a company’s bottom line. With better customer data and predictive capabilities, sales teams can create effective campaigns more precisely targeted to their target audience.

In the sales arena, AI can help identify the ideal opportunities for a company by analyzing data and making predictions about the likelihood of a customer converting. It can also help create compelling content and improve a company’s efficiency.